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The Origin Story behind “Have Paint Gun, Will Travel” and the logo:

I often joke with clients when I’m working on a project that we get more done with a paint gun during construction than at any other time. However, golf course superintendents, golf contractors, and especially golf course shapers know there’s a lot of truth to that statement.  It’s the nature of our business to tweak things and make a project the best it can be when we’re in the field–and the paint gun may be the most important tool in the tool box in that regard.

For years, I have said to clients after painting out bunkers, green contours, etc., “Have Paintgun, Will Travel” — a reference to title of the CBS western Have Gun, Will Travel that ran on TV from 1957 to 1963.  The series featured Richard Boone and he played a man from San Francisco who became a hired gun in the wild west, helping those who could not help themselves.  Then one day during a project site visit, I looked down to notice my shadow as I leaned on a paint gun while talking to the shaper.  It resembled the shadow of a golfer leaning on his club while he waited to tee off (all golfers are familiar with the pose).  I had an idea to tie it all together and went home that night and created the “Have Paintgun, Will Travel” logo (see the original sketches below).


What began as a simple play on words quickly developed into a new sub-branded logo for our company.  At the urging of friends in the turf industry, the silhouette from the logo was soon available on hats for clients and promotions and (due to popular demand on social media) for purchase through our new online store (see links above). Who knows, maybe we’ll start a new fashion trend for the golf industry! Then we started offering high quality engraved custom ball markers, glassware, apparel, and even a flask! And soon we will offer AM&E putter covers with the logo embroidered on them.


Before long, I decided I like the silhouette logo so much that we made it the new official logo of all Watermark Golf company brands (not just the deign firm), appearing on all visual assets including the web site, business cards, letterhead, envelopes, other printed materials, etc.

And so, friends, that is the story of HavePaintGunWillTravel.com and how a simple idea transformed into a new logo and spurred a new lifestyle trend and fashion craze (okay, maybe that last part was a little strong).  I hope you enjoyed the story and we hope to see you back here soon!

Thanks for visiting,
Nathan Crace, ASGCA
Proprietor | HavePaintGunWillTravel.com

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